Golf Development Programmes

Peroidisation training organises the year into four phases with specific aims for the golfer.  These phases are: Off Season ,Pre-competitive season, Competitive season, Post season. An effective off season /pre-season program strengthens the golfer for the competitive season. Why not enrol on one of our Autumn/Winter training program to help achieve your personal goals for this season.

Off season programmes benefit your whole game under non-competitive environment. These development programs help to assess areas for improvement and form lesson and practice plans for setting goals and targets.  This program helps the coach and player to work together and communicate between sessions too.


This is the way Tour Pros like to work. This allows time for on course, video review, long and short game work and incorporates effective practice habits. All players leave with a personalised development plan.

3 players £75 each
2 Players £100 each
1 Player £180 each



This is the way Tour pros like to work. This includes all of the half day aspects but gives time for course management techniques and strategy. This can include launch monitor analysis to help provide the player with data on their technique to help them improve.

You have use of the 1000 square foot Putting Studio with Vertex analysis software. Each of the half or full day sessions are tailored to meet your needs and focus on improving your weaknesses.

3 Players £100 each
2 Players £150 each
1 Player £180