How I coach you...

My coaching focuses on you, by building an understanding of your swing and game to help you achieve your potential.

Golf coaching has traditionally followed the path of teacher telling pupil what they must do and pupil trying to do it, with varying degrees of success.

As the world of golf has become more competitive and athletic, leading
golf coaches recognise that training must be tailor-made to the individual and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

I believe your coaching should:​

• Produce positive, enduring results

• Improve your understanding of why problems arise and how to address them
• Develop a life-long technique to protect against injury
• Help you practice effectively in the time you have available
• Build a reciprocal coach-student dialogue
• Help you get more enjoyment from your game

What to expect from your golf coaching

Individual Training:

Start with a free game consultation where you can tell me all about your golfing strengths and weaknesses and  importantly, what results you expect from our sessions. From this, we will design a personal coaching plan, be it for one or two lessons or a programme of development.

Coaching sessions include:

• Technical swing training
• Short game, bunker and putting technique
• Course tactics
• Mental preparation
• Effective personal practice
• Physical profiling to prevent strain/injury.


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